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"Ride The Vibe"   Radio Show

Thu Jan 24

We recently recorded a Radio Podcast on "Ride The Vibe" hosted by Michael Litten. Tune in any time to hear the broadcast either on this site or at https://drsatl.podbean.com/e/ride-the-vibe.

Anachrocon 2020  Roaring 20s Party

Sat, Feb 15, 9:00 - 11:00

We will be presenting out Roaring 20s Show at the evening ball for The AnachroCon convention and the event is open to the general public. Learn more and purchase tickets to the event at https://www.anachrocon.org/.

Private Performance

Sat, Mar 7

Roaring 20s Party at a private event

Private Performance

Thu, Mar 26

We will be performing a selection of tunes at Mt Vernon Towers selected from the Roaring 20's and Golden Swing Eras

Sat, Jun 27

Come and join us in downtown Canton for a free, all day jazz and Blues Festival. We take the stage early in the evening and very much look forward to seeing you there. You can learn more about this event at Music On The Vine's Jazz And Blues Festival of The Arts .


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The T Tones will be  Appearing on "Ride the Vibe" Radio Show Podcast

Posted Dec 8, 2019

The T Tones are honored to have been invited to appear on the "Ride the Vibe" radio podcast in the early part of 2020.  The show is hosted by Michael Litten and will be posted on this web site, our facebook page and at so you can check it out at your leisure.

The T Tones will be Performing at The 2020 AnachroCon Convention

Posted Nov. 28, 2019

The T Tones are super excited to announce that they will be presenting their Roaring 20s show at the 2020 AnachroCon Convention in Feb, 2020.  Watch our web site or follow us on Facebook to learn more about AnachroCon and how you can join us at their Roaring 20's themed ball. You can also learn more at https://www.anachrocon.org/


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