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The T Tones

The T Tones is a show / dance band that features three female vocalists singing tight harmony in front of some of Atlanta's best jazz and rock musicians. Trimmed with a touch of costuming and choreography, The T Tones bring a sizzling performance for themed parties, concerts, theaters, corporate events, and smaller intimate gatherings. 

The T Tones can scale our show to accommodate any venue or budget. We can perform with a small combo of musicians, a seven piece band with a three piece horn line, or just our vocal cast singing over recorded tracks.  We can tailor our show to fit most any event and we excel in themed parties and events.  Please check around the site for some of the themed shows we are currently featuring.


Regardless of the cast, theme or venue, we provide a flawless performance that will make your event a big hit.


Currently Featured Theme Shows

Dancing Through The Decades       Era Specific Theme Shows

Jump blues and swing, fifties sock hop, 60s/70's soul and groove, contemporary classic rock with a twist; we love to tailor fit our show to highlight your theme. With our theater background we also understand the impact of appropriate costuming and we are more than happy to match theme appropriate outfits and accessories to a period specific music selection.

Featured in 2020  -  Roaring Twenties / Great Gatsby Show

To celebrate the turning of the 2020s decade, we have created a Roaring Twenties theme show featuring tunes from the era as well as modern tunes set to the roaring 20s style!  Our costuming is authentic and our choreography spot on. It is a sizzling musical celebration that s ideal for any Roaring 20s - Great Gatsby - or Casino Night themed event!

Senior Communities and Events

The T Tones are a huge hit at Senior communities and events.  We find great joy in performing and interacting with seniors and we have tailored  a number of shows specifically for this audience with price ranges to fit any budget. Learn more about how we can tailor a show for your Senior gathering, event or community.